Would you like to know who We are? Here is some more information about our Organization!

Zaviya Group creates next generation architectural solutions that combine value, performance and operation brilliance created with your business model in mind. Our Motto has been service excellence from the very beginning and we hold that concept dearly in everything we do. We are a group of engineers and business professionals with a mutual goal of eliminating IT headaches, avoiding unnecessary forklift upgrades and building a future proof infrastructure. Our experts have years of experience in optimizing data center operations, launching global collaboration solutions, enhancing network capabilities and laying the foundation of an efficient IT environment.

We have diversified our portfolio based on functionality, innovation, reliability and economic quadrants.We did all this research so that we can service businesses of all size and needs. We understand the need to reduce IT complexity and the value of resource synergy within an organization. By keeping the “less is more” ideology in mind, we achieve optimal results by utilizing expert knowledge, industry leading vendors and state of the art network architectural designs focused on your success as an organization. We believe in providing World Class support and empower our customers with knowledge, clarity and a singular point of technology solution for your entire organization.

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